About us

NeopetsInsider.com is an unofficial Neopets fansite focused on Neopian culture and Neopian finances. To put it in less fancier words, we host and promote Neopets fan art that isn’t as quickly picked up by the Neopian Times and we make extensive guides, experiments and reports on how to make Neopoints (legally obviously).

Our History

While the Neopets Insider name and website is rather new the predecessors of this project have been live since 2015.
What originally started as a Neopets News blog on Tumblr called Neopia24 quickly amassed over 200 followers sharing weird Neoboards messages and fanlore.

Eventually, Neopia24 died amidst the peak of the Neotag drama and a few years later arose the Neopian Culture Institute on Reddit in 2020. This Subreddit eventually died down as well due to lack of time and management.

Skip forwards to October 2021 and here we are, the reincarnation of Neopia24 and the Neopian Culture Institute. A Neopets fansite different from the others. Where useful websites like TDN and JellyNeo have a whole host of guides on how to play certain games and item databases that keep track of prices, we are different.

Different as in honestly this site isn’t even that useful but it’s just fun to do.