The Ultimate Guide on How to make Neopoints on Neopets.

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If you’re reading this you’re likely one of the few remaining Neopets players or perhaps someone who just returned for the nostalgia. Either way, whatever brings you here, you’re looking to make neopoints. For some people making Neopoints is seemingly difficult because a lot of the hundreds of Neopets games don’t work anymore. No sweat! in this guide we’ll teach you how to make neopoints on Neopets in 2023 and beyond for as long as this ancient site continues functioning.

It is 2023 (or later) and Neopets is surprisingly still around. The website has been kicking since 1999 and to this day we still have a couple of thousand players who log in daily to play. A lot seem to be surprised at the ability of some players to hoard hundreds of millions if not billions on the website, but in reality it is quite simple really.

The pillars of making Neopoints

  • Doing dailies like Trudy’s
  • Food Club
  • Battledome
  • Stock Market
  • Restocking

There are also a few other strategies like clearing your SDB every now and then but overall these 4 are the most important strategies. We’ll discuss each strategy and the ease of doing them. In the meanwhile you should consider downloading this spreadsheet to track your Neopoints income if you’re a nerd like me.

Make Neopoints Doing dailies

Difficulty: easiest

Reward: about 450k a month.

Dailies are a cornerstone to Neopets in general and they also make you quite a decent amount of Neopoints. The beauty of it is that the there are no requirements for it other than showing up daily and spending a few minutes clicking on the website. Easy enough.

Basically you use a link like the Neopets Insider’s Dailies Page or one from JellyNeo or The Daily Neopets and cross all of them off. You’ll usually get small amounts of money or items that are mostly junk but if you do it every single day you’ll eventually gather enough small amounts of neopoints that add up to about 450,000 neopoints in total. These Neopoints come mostly from Trudy’s surprise which at the end of a cycle gets you 100,000 NP on one day.

Trudy’s Surprise resets every day.

Make Neopoints with Food Club

Difficulty: Medium

Reward: Depends on account age and betting strategies.

Food Club is a betting game on the website, commonly abbreviated as FC and many people don’t really understand it. The good news is that you don’t have to understand a lot of it to make boat loads of Neopoints with it. What you do need is an aged account though, so if your account is brand new than this isn’t going to be much help for you.

Why do you need an aged account? Well basically, the older your account is, the higher the amount of Neopoints is that you can bet. So my account for example is about 10 years old, meaning I can bet about 7500 Neopoints per bet, bringing the total to 75000 Neopoints for 10 bets.

Now if I have a lucky day and my bets total to a multiplication win of for example 52, that means I get 52 times 7500 NP, which is 390,000 Neopoints and a profit of 325,000 Neopoints.

Meanwhile with an account that is for example only 16 months old you could place bets of about 500 Neopoints per bet, totalling in betting 5000 NP a day. With that same 52 multiplier you’d make 26000 Neopoints of which 21000 Neopoints are profit. Which isn’t bad but obviously a lot less than an aged account would make.

New accounts can still profit well by following the right bettors

However, if you follow a good bettor like Nsheng and stay consistent with posting your bets you’ll eventually have a neat return on your food club investment. Even 10000 to 30000 NP a day from food club nicely adds up eventually. To find your prefered bettor to follow check out our weekly segment the Weekly Neopets Insider.

To illustrate, last year I made a post about how I make my millions in which I showed the image below.

As you can see at the time I had made about 1.5 million Neopoints in profit. Now move on to today and my lifetime food club profits are at 5 million neopoints.

In the past few years I’ve made about 5 million Neopoints in profit.

Make Neopoints with the Battledome

Difficulty: Hard

Reward: Between 1 million and 3 million Neopoints per month, depending on Premium.

Battledome is one of the harder but not hardest ways to make Neopoints. The thing with Battledome is that it has a rather high threshold for participation. Once you’ve passed that threshold though you’re good to go and it will take you little time to make a million to 3 million neopoints per month with it.

So what is the threshold? Simple, it’s stats, most players recommend having your pet be at level 50 at least in order to battle the challengers discussed below. Getting your pet up to level 50 can be quite a long and expensive endeavor but once you’re there you’re set and ready to make neopoints.

Personally my battledome pet is at level 33 which is below the recommended level but I have her HP at 63 which is good enough to battle Jetsame Ace with some occasional healing from healing potions in between.

Non-Premium vs Premium

Neopets Premium Membership is the sole difference between making 1 million Neopoints or 3 million Neopoints.

With Premium you’re able to battle the Jetsam Ace which gives out Nerkmids. A single nerkmid can go for about 160 to 230k, depending on the status of the market (which you can also read about in the weekly insider). This easily adds up to about 3 million Neopoints a month.

If you don’t pay for premium you’re best off battling Koi Warrior or S750 Kreludan Defender Robot. With Koi Warrior giving out a lot of codestones and S750 Kreludan Defender Robot having the chance of giving out red codestones. With these codestones you can easily get about a million Neopoints in a month if you play daily.

My baby challenging the Jetsam Ace

Make Neopoints with the Stock Market

Difficulty: Hard

Reward: Depends on the stocks you own and how they do.

The NeoDaq has got to be the most boring way to make neopoints but due to it being a waiting game the returns can also be huge if you buy shares every day.

The premise is simple, buy 1000 shares at 15 NP (or 16 if there are no stocks at 15) every single day.

Over time you’ll build up a portfolio of shares, at the slow pace of 1000 shares a day, but once one of those stocks goes up in value you can sell them at a profit.

Buy at 15 but sell at what?

So what is the ideal time to sell your stocks?

Well, for beginners who need their cash quick 30 NP is usually the sell point. However, the majority of players waits out and sells at least at 45 NP or even 60 NP. Than there is also a small minority of share hoarders who wait till a stock has reached 90 NP, which literally can take years.

Personally I strive for a selling point of 60 NP which usually allows me to buy about 10000 shares of a stock spread over months before the stock skyrockets.

Stay away from stocks like VPTS and KSON and remain patient and consistent, that’s the way to make Neopoints from stocks.

Make Neopoints with Restocking

Difficulty: Hardest

Reward: Highest

Ah restocking, the hardest but arguably the most rewarding way to make Neopoints if you have the sanity for it. So how does restocking work? Well it’s a little too complex to explain it all in just this article. I’d refer you to The Ultimate Restocking Guide instead but here is the gist of it.

Restocking basically boils down to buying items from NPC shops and reselling them at your store for a profit. Which seems easy enough but the hardship lies in:

  • Choosing the right shop category
  • Knowing which items are worthless junk and which items are profitable
  • Being fast enough to beat other restockers

Restocking has the longest learning curve of all the methods of making neopoints in the game. However, once you’ve got it under control it can be incredibly profitable. Restockers can make anywhere from a few hundred thousand Neopoints to multiple million Neopoints a month.

Other Ways to make Neopoints.

Those were the most popular and viable ways to make Neopoints but there are a few other strategies.

SDB Clearing

One of those strategies is hoarding items into you Safety Deposit Box, letting them sit there for months if not years and clearing it out every now and then. If you’ve played for years chances are that you have items in your Safety Deposit Box that are suddenly worth anywhere up to a couple of million neopoints.

Selling those either in your shop or on the Trading Post can be a surefire way to make some quick extra millions. So whenever you get items from events like the Altador Cup or the Advent Calender, just put them in your safety deposit box, wait a while and see them become highly sought after items.

Flash games

Lastly you could play games the old fashioned way, although this has never been the best way to make Neopoints. If you have the time and patience to make Neopoints with flash games you could use a web browser that still has flash like Puffin but for security reasons this can’t be recommended.

Either way, whatever you end up doing to make Neopoints, make sure that you don’t cheat by using multiple accounts to make neopoints or by buying your neopoints from online shops. If you follow these pillars of making neopoints you’ll find you’ll self having saved up enough sweet NP to buy whatever your pets desire!

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