Neopets Dailies Checklist – Get Neopets Freebies, Neopoints with ease.

This is the NI Dailies Checklist which you can use to visit the daily things you can do on Neopets to get freebies, earn Neopoints or have fun.

Everyday Tasks

Buy bargain StocksReddit’s Daily Food Club Topic
Daily Community PuzzleBattledome

Free Neopoints

WhatFrequencyWorth it?
Daily InterestOnce a day, before deposit or withdrawalAlways
Shop TillDoes Not ApplyAlways
Shop of OffersEvery day, only onceEh free 50 NP is still free NP

Free Items, Neopoints or Stat Upgrades

WhatFrequencyWorth it?
Trudy’s SurpriseEvery day, only onceVery much! Free 450k monthly
Altador PrizesEvery day, only onceYes, if you finished the plot
Money TreeUp to 10 items per day*No
Monthly FreebiesMonthlySure, 2k a month and some food.
The Fruit MachineDailyIt’s a free spin, so yes worth it!
Coltzan’s ShrineDailyYes! Free NP, Items or stat upgrades
Forgotten ShoreDailyYes! Free NP and items

Free Items

WhatFrequencyWorth it?
Free JellyEvery day, only onceNo, Just Get your pets in a hotel
Giant OmeletteEvery day, only onceNo, Just Get your pets in a hotel
Rubbish DumpUp to 10 items per day*No
Second-hand ShoppeUp to 10 items per day*No
Magma QuarryEvery day, only onceIf you like making petpets.
Anchor ManagementEvery day, only onceYes! Get dubloons and stuff.
Mysterious Negg CaveEvery day, only onceYes! You can win expensive Neggs!
Grave DangerEvery 7-9 hours, dependsYes! You can win expensive stamps
TombolaEvery day, only onceNo
SnowwagerEvery day but only at certain timesYes! You can win rare items!
Geraptiku’s TombEvery day, only onceYes.
Discarded Blue GrundoEvery day, only onceYes! Always free NP or items.
Underwater FishingEvery day, every 12 hours?Yes! You can fish with all your pets!

Paid Wheels and Scratchcards

WhatFrequencyWorth it?
Wheel of MediocrityOnce every 2 hoursEh
Wheel of ExcitementOnce every 2 hoursNo
Wheel of MisfortuneOnce every 2 hoursNo, No, No, No
Wheel of KnowledgeOnce every 2 hoursNo
Wheel of Monotony (Skip waiting)Once every 2 hoursNo
Wheel of ExtravaganceEvery day, only onceNo, even though you can win paint brushes.
Winter Kiosk Scratchcard5 times a dayYes
Spooky Scratchcard Kiosk5 times a dayYes
Desert Scratchcard Kiosk5 times a dayYes