Wanna Know What Type Of Omelette You’re Most Like? Just Choose A Few Of Your Favorite Things To Find Out

What do you usually do in Neopia?

When feeding your Neopets you go for

My Neohome is

Favorite color

Wanna Know What Type Of Omelette You're Most Like? Just Choose A Few Of Your Favorite Things To Find Out
Sausage Omelette
You like your food a bit hearty and that totally makes sense because deep down you're a hearty person as well. You're kind of the parent of your friend group and you're totally fine with that role.
Plain Omelette
Plain sounds boring and safe but it is a respectable choice, no bullshit, just a nice and simple omelette. You might be a little of a control freak but given that you always yield excellent results, that's fine.
Chocolate Omelette
You're the daring kind of friend, the friend that does questionable stuff that worries your friends but they can't complain because you are also the one that helps them cross their boundaries and try exciting new stuff. Let's just hope you don't actually make a chocolate omelette one day, if you do, we don't want nothing to do with it.
Mushroom Omelette
The Mushroom omelette is an omelette so simple yet so styleful, you have a rich taste in life and your knowledge goes beyond depths, hence why your friends always ask you for advice which you'll happily give them.

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